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Cloudsurfing by Divine Matrix Cloudsurfing
8 tracks

Running time: 1:06:43
Released: 10/2015

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‘Cloudsurfing’ is the first in a series of planned ambient excursions from Divine Matrix, whose contemporary electronic works have proved very popular in recent years.
While previous albums have tended to be more rhythmic and sequencer driven, here on ‘Cloudsurfing’, it’s all about slowly evolving textures and gentle, pulse like sequences. The effect is also highly evocative, painting surreal and hypnotic soundscapes with otherworldly overtones. The effect is one of drifting through a strange, alien landscape.
Crystalline sounds and spacey effects dance delicately across warm, thick pads, the sound washing over the senses. The music may be ambient, but Steve Barnes knows...
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Hydrosphere by Divine Matrix Hydrosphere
11 tracks

Running time: 1:11:32
Released: 12/2013

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Another exquisite journey to the stars from Divine Matrix, whose gently rhythmic, melodic style of sequencing reminds one of 80’s Tangerine Dream, but done here with a more contemporary feel. Full of great themes, gentle strings and drifting, ethereal pads, if you liked his ‘Atmospheric Variations’, you’re gonna love this!
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Atmospheric Variations by Divine Matrix Atmospheric Variations
11 tracks

Running time: 1:15:53
Released: 05/2012

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Easily the best so far from Steve Barnes, who is honing his talents as Divine Matrix with some superb space music creations. "Atmospheric Variations" presents a drifting, gently rhythmic style with nicely programmed sequences giving a genuine contemporary Tangerine Dream feel. Nothing is overdone here, there is a wonderful subtly that draws you in, and Steve cleverly allows some nice sequences to build with variation while underpinning some exquisite drifting pads and atmospherics and interesting rhythms and melodies.

Steve also knows how to bring tension and dynamics in and out of the musical spectrum, along with some clever twists and turns...
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Invisible Landscapes by Divine Matrix Invisible Landscapes
13 tracks

Running time: 1:04:56
Released: 08/2011

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"Invisible Landscapes" is contemporary melodic chill-out of the very highest calibre and perfectly illustrates Steve's grasp of melody, sounds and rhythms. It's a completely different style and sound to Steve's new age music debut on AD Music, "New Day", yet it retains the core of Steve's musical style with warmth and strong musical structure. It also perfectly illustrates how close the new age, electronic and chill-out music styles can be in the hands of such an accomplished artist.

The album sways between gently rhythmic, like the aptly named opener "Faith in Chaos" with its clever use of delicate sequences and sounds,...
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Divine Matrix is a Steve Barnes pseudonym designed to free himself from the confines of any particular genre and allow room to experiment a little with sound and song structure. The music is very much in the contemporary chill out style of electronica, taking in some of Steve's electronic music influences too. Basically, as Steve said himself "I wanted a project where my creativity could run free. With such an amazing sound palette at our fingertips made available now by all the modern technology, it really is a great time to be an electronic musician".

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