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Travelling Light by Stephan Whitlan Travelling Light
8 tracks

Running time: 1:07:45
Released: 10/2010

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Recorded at E-Live 17th October 2009

"As a folk musician, I can usually travel anywhere with my accordian over my shoulder & some Guinness in my bag with a minimum of fuss. But as a synthesizer player, this is very much not the case. I know there are artists out there who are confident to take to the stage armed only with a laptop & a USB keyboard, but I can't bring myself to get that minimal. I think the trade off is that you would have to pre-prepare a lot of stuff & just trigger it as and when (this...
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Triangulation by Stephan Whitlan Triangulation
6 tracks

Running time: 1:17:20
Released: 10/2009

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A syncopating sequence dives straight into 'Arabella's Trident'. There's an air of playful optimism here, as counterpoint patterns vie with Minimoog leads both high and low in register. A chugging beat slowly develops as trademark pitch-bent leads fill the soundstage further. Unexpectedly the track takes a brief pause, before it starts to reconstruct. The complexity increases and the virtuosity of the lead melodies becomes ever more beguiling before another breather heralds the last third of the track. I love the low-down Minimoog notes, it brings back memories of Wakeman's Moogs blowing my dad's speakers when I was into acne.

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Inertial Moments by Stephan Whitlan Inertial Moments
5 tracks

Running time: 1:13:59
Released: 04/1997

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Extremely rare live album recorded at the Flowerpot, Derby, UK, on 6th April 1997.

The first 30 minutes of the album is taken up by 'Freak of Geometry' and 'The Second Hand Swept Away....' from his debut album, and they sound full blooded and as good as ever. A brace of new tracks follow, kicking off with 'SpaceTime' which really is an eye opener. You know this guy is talented but when he throws top notch sequencing and inspirational lead soloing together like this it transcends description. Wavestar fans should not miss out on this track! 'Leitrim' is a delightful piece...
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Map Reference (Remastered) by Stephan Whitlan Map Reference (Remastered)
6 tracks

Running time: 1:13:37
Released: 06/1996

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Remastered by John Dyson, 2009.

The opening track is the epic ‘The second hand swept away the time that could never be recovered’, and at a touch over 20 minutes long this album wastes no time in presenting its credentials. In the previous review I describe it is as “one of the most infectiously brilliant tracks you are ever likely to hear” which I still think sums things up perfectly. Usually when presented with such an expansive piece the sequences and rhythms are the feature aspects, and indeed here the sequencing is truly wonderful with a melodic approach which Glyn Lloyd...
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