K2PROJECT (Remastered) by K2PROJECT K2PROJECT (Remastered)
9 tracks

Running time: 1:14:36
Released: 06/1999

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Remaster by John Dyson, 2010.

On K2Project Stephan Whitlan is joined by Keith Corbett. In common with 'Map reference' K2Project opens with a completely awesome show-case of divine EM melodics. The approach is unique and attention to detail staggering. 'K2' is an uptempo piece with some deft touches and a catchy melody. Somehow this track sounds "beneath" Stephan however. It's too predictable and safe, though the Hammond solo is superb - and perhaps I'm trying to read too much into what is a vibrant jam session. 'Voyager' features an impeccable moog solo and more great sequential riffs, preparing the ground perfectly...
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