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Earth Story by Temps Perdu? Earth Story
6 tracks

Running time: 1:03:58
Released: 12/2000

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"This year-2000 release from the Dusseldorf-based husband and wife team known as Temps Perdu? brings the full gamut of ethno-electro tribal ambient obsessions into play. It's like a flowing ride along a snaking river, where ethnic influenced electronic trance grooves come and go, as do a plethora of synth textures, organic sounds and instruments. Evidence of an earlier trip to the Timeroom, along with the influence of Jorge Reyes and Suspended Memories, is undeniable but this not clone zone music, as they feel it in their own way, and bring an evocative voice to the tribal gathering."

On "Earth...
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The Day the Earth melted by Temps Perdu? The Day the Earth melted
1 tracks

Running time: 0:20:48
Released: 11/1996

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"The Day the Earth Melted" is one of the hottest atmospheres ever recorded. Temps Perdu? is one of the hottest ensembles ever to record. Stephen Hill used the dark and lush desert soundscape to close his Hearts of Space program dedicated to the genre in July of 1999. It was an appropriate choice. Temps Perdu? product is difficult - damn near impossible - to get. This three inch CD is their best recording and is still readily available. The music is gently rhythmic, slowly minimalist and quietly ambient. Succinctly, it smokes!"

Jim Brenholts, author of...
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Terra Incognita by Temps Perdu? Terra Incognita
9 tracks

Running time: 1:07:14
Released: 10/1995

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"Terra Incognita" consists of dark-exotic-ambient soundscapes, earthy cyber-ethno rhythms, spheric flutes, warm washes of electronics and new experimental sounds; from cyber-atmospheres, to alien tribal-ambience. Music influenced by the mysterious world of ancient cultures, deep space, past and future artifacts.

"Since our debut album "Athanor" (Timebase 1993) we have travelled extensively across many lands of varying textures and traditions. Whether exploring the remote volcanic wasteland of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, or roaming the arid deserts of Arizona, California and Egypt, these encounters inspired our music and resonate in every part of it. Other influences include knowledge gained about ancient cultures and...
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Athanor by Temps Perdu? Athanor
14 tracks

Running time: 0:56:33
Released: 02/1993

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Although 'Athanor' drifts between a variety of different styles, all tracks have a spiritual and spooky atmosphere. The magic sound of 'Athanor' consists of strange and organic samples, dreamy patterns, mysterious sound effects, whispered voices, tribal rhythms, droning cosmic synthchords, bells, ethnic flutes... Some tracks are electronic and sequenced and slightly song-stuctured, others are more organic and improvised.

"Ceremonial, tribal, shamanistic-the aesthetic is there but the members of TEMPS PERDU? aren't content with just adding themselves to the ethno-rank and file. Indescribable electronics merge with strangely pulsing rhythms and other esoteric sound effects to yield the sacred cybernetic mantras for these...
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Since 1993 the german/french duo "Temps Perdu?" have brought us four albums of electronic, ambient, tribal, ethno space music crossing world cultures ancient and modern, to create music of such earthly tones, be it the beautiful enigmatic atmospheres to the other darker mysterious strains.

Temps Perdu? play an array of digital and analogue synthesizers, plus assorted world instruments. Samples taken from their extensive global travels have led them to bring many cultures on earth into their music, giving an inspiration timeless feel, full of the strong influences gained.

From 1992 till 1997 they operated their own label called Timebase. 4 CDs were released.

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