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Sonica by Epiphany Sonica
9 tracks

Running time: 1:03:49
Released: 02/2010

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Evolved from improvisations, these are probably the most intimate tracks I have made till today.
Impressions of my feelings and strongly colored by my state of mind.

Some are mellow, some are dark.
Some you will like, and some you will not
Every track tells a story, a part of my life.

Let The Music Flow!
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MindScapes by Epiphany MindScapes
8 tracks

Running time: 1:15:56
Released: 06/2001

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Original released as cd'r in 2001 MindScapes is now remastered at the Soundwave Studio, Zaandam.

From the review of Bert Strolenberg :

His music, made without use of sequencers, flows from the unconscious and is quite mind-altering. While you go with the flow for over 75 minutes, it’s like you’re part of various adventures in audio. I especially liked the deep, quiet atmospheres of "Seaburst" Describing his "new approach towards electronic music" is very hard to do, as miscellaneous elements and emotions come across while listening.

Note this is not that easy or accessible music as you may expect. One of the...
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Epiphany, The person.

Epiphany, in real life the Dutchman Erik Teljeur, born on august 24th 1959 in Amsterdam.

I've always had a great passion for music. However for a long time it has been a passive passion. In 1993 I bought a Roland JV-80 and simply started. There was not any theoretical knowledge of music that stood in the way, and I just made music in an intuitive way. After some time the first tracks were finished. At that time an own style hasn't come up yet.

Later I've developed a more own style. Very important, to me, is that the music must be very direct and intuitive. Until this present day I still miss any kind of theoretical knowledge. Everything I make and do is with the heart and intuition. And that is how I want it to be.

The songs are being made and mixed live, in one time. I prefer this technique, because the music develops more intuitively.

The intention of the music is to take you on a trip through your mind. Just sit back, relax and let the music and your imagination do the rest.

Let The Music Flow!

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