Let The Terror Begin by Various Artists

Various Artists

Let The Terror Begin

11 tracks

Running time: 1:20:01
Released: 03/2009

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  01   Gloomy Phantom - Spooky Visits - 7:25
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  02   StiTch - Sator - 8:39
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  03   Dezkizzio - Fix My Brain - 6:49
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  04   Trip_Switch - Acid Make Me Do It - 7:29
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  05   Cerebellum Withdrawal - Sinister Revelations - 6:33
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  06   Pan Gohr - Nightmare - 7:19
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  07   Fobi - Road Too Noise - 6:11
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  08   Minàgoris - Alice In Acidland - 8:20
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  09   Critical Selection - Kerosin Flava - 7:24
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  10   Morphic Station - Locotionmotorolotion - 6:42
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  11   Galactic System - The Matrix - 7:10
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More Info

Apurùami Records is proud to present its second release "Let The Terror Begin" with Mexican artists, and international talents, these sounds are born and created in the darkness, with feelings and thoughts of our being. Are songs that do not need to see the light to interact with our minds in a space and time, and lead to a state of physical and mental.

This album contains 11 tracks produced and mastered by the artists involved, we hope you will like it.

"No matter how great brilliance, he always finds the darkness at the end of the road".

Thanks to all the artists involved for their confidence and support, Biomechanik Recs, Scared Evil Recs, and Dark Terror Recs, for your help, without you, this would have not been possible to compile.

Special thanks to Trip Switch from Portugal, Gloomy Phantom and Pan Ghor from Germany, and Black Breamz from Mèxico, who always believed in us.