Fusion by Wellenfeld



8 tracks

Running time: 0:53:21
Released: 03/2005

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  01   Genesis - 4:54
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  02   Matrix - 6:18
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  03   Fusion - 5:43
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  04   Atmosphere - 5:35
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  05   Nordlicht - 9:01
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  06   Hal - 7:37
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  07   Odyssey - 6:49
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  08   Freeze - 7:24
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More Info

Wellenfeld : Fusion
Crystal-clear electronic sounds, warm, strong melodies, smooth pop-arrangements and high emotion characterize the second Wellenfeld-album Fuison. No room for any other description. Besides gorgeous aprs, pads and electronical beats which animate dreamers and groovers at the same time, Fusion is an album with many faces. Fans of the debut-album Cosmic Waves will love Fusion. Both musicians, Andreas Braun and Detlef Dominiczak, worked more than one year on sound and melodies. The result is a perfect EM/Ambient-concept-album that will always sound new in its own distinctive manner.