First Breath by Catalin Marin

Catalin Marin

First Breath

8 tracks

Running time: 0:44:40
Released: 03/2009

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  01   Opening (First Breath) - 8:27
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  02   Zulu Spirits Call - 6:03
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  03   Iceberg - 4:06
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  04   Synthetic History - 6:38
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  05   Nandana Paradise Of Indra - 5:57
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  06   Cross Faded Memories - 5:41
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  07   Treasures Of The Deep - 6:04
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  08   Postlude - 1:44
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More Info

"First Breath" is an amazing collection of thematic melodies combining soundtrack orchestration, choirs, subtle ethnic touches and great rhythms. His original style has prompted rave reviews worldwide and he has been described as the "New Vangelis".

So if Vangelis is an artist you enjoy - you're gonna love this!!

"Catalin's music has considerable cross-over potential and will be embraced by discerning listeners who appreciate carefully crafted music and inspiring melodies."
Steve Roberts, SMD.

"The album oozes quality and is, quite simply, magical!"