orbit number 2 by moonbooter


orbit number 2

8 tracks

Running time: 1:12:28
Released: 03/2007

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  01   out of silence - 8:49
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  02   hymne a la lune - 8:15
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  03   genesis device - 14:17
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  04   illusion (sky mix) - 10:33
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  05   orbit number 2 - 10:11
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  06   as time goes by - 6:39
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  07   antagonism - 7:15
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  08   HAKA (boot from moon mix) - 6:29
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More Info

moonbooter : orbit number 2
orbit number 2 is the soundtrack to moonbooter's video-DVD in surround sound. The 90 minutes long DVD includes beautiful old exposures from NASA which have been animated with additional digital effects. Obviously the takes have been source of inspiration for the well-fitting electronic music of the CD. Partly it sounds like a score and combines the moonbooter-typical elements from classical Electronical Music and modern synthesizer-sounds. Summarized, orbit number 2 is a very emotionally and explicitly produced electronic album which should be enjoyed and experienced in a peaceful moment.