Stereofields Forever (Live Archive Vol 2) by Nemesis


Stereofields Forever (Live Archive Vol 2)

9 tracks

Running time: 1:04:37
Released: 06/2007

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  01   Entrance - 2:44

  02   The Cosmic Garden - 6:15
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  03   Desert Miracle - 6:14

  04   People at Sunset - 7:05

  05   Intro - 1:20

  06   Sky Archeologist - 13:13

  07   Lunar Mansion - 11:13
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  08   Gigaherz - 9:26

  09   Finale - 7:07

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The first four tracks were taken from a live performance during 1997. ‘Entrance’ sounds like an introductory track and that is exactly what it is. A cosmic storm full of bleeps and windy effects gushes from the speakers. Things then become tranquil and more like the sound of a tropical jungle. It is an excellent scene setter for ‘The Cosmic Garden’. The sleeve notes mention that this was probably the first ‘retro track’ in their repertoire and sure enough a sequence starts up but it is fairly low in the mix.

That can’t be said for the next which is mean and moody and bounds forward with some menace before submerging in a sea of watery effects. ‘Desert Miracle’ is very different in that it sounds like quite a contemporary upbeat number. My favourite bit was the sublime melody which appears in the second half. ‘People at Sunset’ is again very different. A slow and gentle rhythm (or maybe just melodic percussion might be a better way of putting it) sets the scene. A snare drum falls into formation then replaces the initial syncopations. Everything on this track so far is incredibly subtle as is the most gorgeous of electric guitar lead lines.

The next three tracks were taken from a performance the year later. ‘Intro’ is a short self-explanatory atmospheric piece which takes us to ‘Sky Archeologist’. This was an early prototype to ‘Sky Archeology’ but this version is quite different in that I would say it ‘rocks’ more. A staccato sequence starts to build low in the mix, really starting to exude energy as it rises to the surface, electricity arcing from each pulsation. A further more melodic sequence and mellotron type sounds / lead lines add a little contrasting softness but overall this is the most powerful track so far. Again there is guitar but it is of the more cosmic variety, little licks here and there rather than axe man stuff. It just makes an already fantastic track even better.

There is yet more superb guitar on ‘Lunar Mansion’ but to start off with it’s the ball breaking bass sequences that take centre stage. The pulsating barrage subsides in the fourth minute. The guitar makes its entrance with the next avalanche of sequences. This is wonderful explosive stuff! ‘Gigaherz’ comes from a performance in 2002 and if anything is even more powerful than the recently released album version. A melodic sequence sets the scene then a killer bass line and rhythm combination let rip. We get breathers between the mayhem but basically this is devastating stuff that shakes the foundations. It surely is one of the most exciting tracks that Nemesis has ever done and this version is absolutely magnificent! ‘Finale’ is from 2004. Two notes pulse out, a little like a slow heartbeat then a moody piano line sort of mimics the pulse. A lonesome melody hangs above it all. This is augmented by the subtlest of guitar licks. It’s so atmospheric. There’s a chill to it all somehow, a brooding uncertainty that could be hinting at something good- but the abrupt conclusion makes me think maybe not. A wonderful track with which to finish the album. (DL)