Signal to the Stars by Callisto


Signal to the Stars

12 tracks

Running time: 1:09:47
Released: 03/2009

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  01   Sycorax Part 1 - 7:35
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  02   Sycorax Part 2 - 5:49
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  03   Iosphere Part 1 - 5:31
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  04   Iosphere Part 2 - 3:47
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  05   Iosphere Part 3 - 7:13
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  06   Elara - 5:03
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  07   Setisphere Part 1 - 6:18
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  08   Setisphere Part 2 - 6:35
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  09   Setisphere Part 3 - 4:50
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  10   Naiad Part 1 - 6:07
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  11   Naiad Part 2 - 7:16
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  12   Naiad Part 3 - 3:43
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Sleeve notes form Steve Roberts (Reviewer)

Take One. David Wright, highly respected U.K. synthesist with an impressive solo discography, founder member of Code Indigo and driving force behind the AD Music label.

Take Two. Dave Massey with numerous New Age/World Music/Trance album releases under various guises to his credit, inspiration behind the superb Trance ADMusic project and producer par excellence.

Take Three. Whilst working together on DW's 15th album 'Continuum', a number of musical ideas were put aside simply because they did not quite fit into the album's overall identity. Yet, both felt that these ideas deserved to be nurtured and developed into another direction. Thus Callisto was born. Both musicians share a passion for melodic, rhythmic, electronic music in the classic tradition of the early works of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Jarre, Kitaro and Vangelis so the direction for 'Signal to Stars' was mapped out and given a life of its own. The creative process behind a successful collaboration such as this is often intuitive and therefore difficult to define. However, in broad terms, DW developed the musical and compositional dimensions whilst DM concentrated more on the production, developing ideas and refining increasingly sophisticated rhythms and sequences. After long, intense but highly productive studio sessions 'Signal to the Stars' was carefully crafted.

Final Take. The Music. Like me, you will inevitably be drawn in to the inventive sequencing and rhythms on 'Sycorax', seduced by the evocative melodies of 'Iosphere', entranced by the shimmering, fragile beauty of 'Setisphere' and inspired by the majestic, anthemic 'Naiad'. Listening to music of this quality is always an enriching and uplifting experience but essentially subjective.
Enjoy your first journey into 'Signal to Stars' as you will revisit frequently and discover new depths and emotions every time. As for Callisto, this is just the beginning of the voyage.