Nibiru by Erez Yaary

Erez Yaary


8 tracks

Running time: 0:52:36
Released: 03/2003

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  01   Arrival - 7:12
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  02   Annunaki - 5:07
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  03   Alchemy of the Mind - 5:27
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  04   Journey Through Time - 8:57
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  05   Remote Viewing - 7:09
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  06   The Montauk Experiment - 9:06
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  07   The Plateau - 2:49
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  08   Neffilim - 6:49
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More Info

Erez Yaary - Nibiru
Nibiru, thought to be the 10th planet of the solar system that is affecting Neptune and Pluto's orbits, has a rotation span around the sun of 3600 years. 6000 years old Sumerian clay tablets portray a race called Anunnaki that have come down to earth boarding chariots of fire in order to rule the earth.
Sumar is an ancient civilization that flourished in the area called Mesopotamia, between 4500 B.C. and 2000 B.C. Many modern concepts have been formed in Sumar, like the Calendar and the Metric System. This is the musical voyage of the 10th planet "Nibiru" and its inhabitants the "Anunnaki", which have come to planet earth and changed its nature forever.