From Sunset Last Night To Sunrise This Morning by Easily Embarrassed

Easily Embarrassed

From Sunset Last Night To Sunrise This Morning

3 tracks

Running time: 0:21:00
Released: 08/2006

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  01   I don't want to Sleep - 9:38
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  02   Organic Gardening - 6:11
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  03   Little Trees and Fantasies - 5:11
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The new 2009 high quality master of "From Sunset Last Night to Sunrise This Morning EP", the first EE project ever released back in 2006.

With the melodic, psy electronic, ambient track "I don't want to Sleep", the first EE track ever created "Organic Gardening" and closing with our "Little trees and Fantasies" piece, that later was the leading inspiration for "Little Trees and Mysteries" on our "Idyllic Life" album. We have fully reworked the sound and are very pleased with the result. The tracks now take you to even more colorful places than ever before.