Innersense by Bekki Williams

Bekki Williams


10 tracks

Running time: 0:50:23
Released: 02/2004

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  01   A Breath Away - 4:34
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  02   Secret Recesses of the Heart - 6:04
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  03   Crystal (Dreams of Sea Beams) - 5:37
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  04   Subliminal Sensuality - 5:26
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  05   Innersense - 5:05
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  06   Under the same Sky - 2:37
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  07   Torn - 6:52
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  08   Tears are Eternal - 4:28
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  09   From the Ashes - 6:13
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  10   Fading - 3:27
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More Info

Innersense is a tour de force! From the beautiful opening track "A Breath Away" to the heartfelt closing "Fading", this album will, quite literally, 'take your breath away' and leave you pressing the repeat button time and time again. "Yes", it has been a long time coming, "Yes", there have been many delays.

But this album really has been worth the wait and it will touch those parts of your soul that most other music can never hope to reach! Quite simply a gem!

"Oh boy, is all I can say about Innersense. It is fantastic. It's so beautiful that it hurts. This album really does deserve some intensive exposure."
(Paul Baker, ARFM)