Passenger 4, by FSP and DAT by Free System Projekt

Free System Projekt

Passenger 4, by FSP and DAT

6 tracks

Running time: 1:01:45
Released: 01/2009

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  01   Pre Flight - 10:27
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  02   Arrival - 14:59
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  03   Meeting - 4:42
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  04   Passage - 20:34
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  05   Departure - 7:37
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  06   Memory - 3:26
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More Info

Before I heard this CD I thought that
these two acts would make an unlikely
combination. The last album by FSP
'Atmospheric Conditions' was an all out
Berlin School fest wonderfully overdosing
on sequences and retro sounds but with DAT
I expect a more measured and restrained
approach. In fact the first track is just
by DAT so I was anticipating some
carefully crafted scene setter. Tinkling
bell chimes and dark drones provide just
the sort of start to 'Pre-Flight' I was
expecting. A slow sequence starts up less
than two minutes in however which is then
replaced by a more rapid one backed by
soft pads. As the track builds a nice lead
line makes an entrance. The sequence
mutates throughout keeping the interest

There are loads of little subtleties, a
half heard rhythm here, some sonic
colouring there but these are bonuses, in
other words subtlety is not sacrificing
excitement. Well, well, how wrong I was.
Things become more atmospheric as we
seamlessly move into 'Arrival'. Whooshes
of windy sound lead into vast dark
soundscapes which would have been very
much at home on Tangerine Dream's
'Sorcerer'. However, the scorching ballsy
sequence when it arrives sounded much more
from 'Rubycon' or even 'Encore'. On this
piece we just get FSP and what a wonderful
track it is. It's difficult to believe
that it wasn't recorded in the mid
seventies- a classic example at that. On
the rest of the tracks we get all five
musicians from the two bands working
together. The first 'Meeting' almost
sounds alive as breathy effects mix with
white noise and cosmic twitters. On paper
it sounds rather eerie but it actually has
a rather warm quality. It is also quite

A meandering lead line takes us to
'Passage'. Initially we get soft tranquil
pads and melodies. It brought up images in
my mind of looking over rolling moorland
hills on a hot summers day. It is a long
track at over twenty minutes and I was
completely blissed out before the first
sequence avalanched over my senses at the
half way mark shaking me back to full
consciousness. Again this is pure mid
seventies magic. The sequence surges this
way and that heaping excitement on
excitement. After the maelstrom
'Departure' comes as a welcome catching of
the breath. We are back to more windy pads
but it is only about ninety seconds before
the sequence emerges, a steady loping one
around which soothing lead lines weave.
'Memory' is a short, almost melancholy
track to round things off. Initially it
again features breezy pads. A sequence
emerges after just over a minute but then
slowly fades away to finish. Another
triumph. We know how expert FSP are at
this style but DAT have to be
congratulated in stepping into the more
European approach so well. The blending of
both bands in this instance worked