About Time by Pan Electric & Ishq

Pan Electric & Ishq

About Time

8 tracks

Running time: 1:04:37
Released: 01/2009

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  01   Clox - 3:18
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  02   6 Minute Festival - 5:50
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  03   Being There (Part 1) - 6:20
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  04   Being There (Part 2 & 3) - 12:48
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  05   Metronomique - 5:07
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  06   Neverland - 14:17
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  07   Everchange - 7:12
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  08   Forever - 9:45
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More Info

The 4th release on Absolute Ambient is About Time.

ISHQ & PAN ELECTRIC explore the great intangible element of the universe through minimal electronica and lush ambiances.

Melodic and textural and often hypnotic and bewitching, and using the fattest analogue and digital synths available to man!

"Time is a more precious commodity than any gem or stone and yet you can't hold it or trade it. Like air you cannot see it. Like water it constantly flows, shaped only by the emotional topography we project on to it. Like fate it cannot be escaped. It contains no molecules and yet it binds us all."