Permutation by Pete Farn

Pete Farn


6 tracks

Running time: 1:02:10
Released: 01/2009

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  01   Permutation 1 - 16:32
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  02   Permutation 2 - 5:54
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  03   Permutation 3 - 5:18
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  04   Permutation 4 - 18:56
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  05   Permutation 5 - 7:09
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  06   Permutation 6 - 8:21
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More Info

SynGate CD-R PF05

Pete(r) FARN Schaefer announced in the end of 2008 three exciting and rather different productions for the next years: A soundtrack for an animation film, a production for modular synthesizer and acoustic instruments and this ambient album.
Ambient? Permutation, according to the rather sober title, would fit in several drawers: enoesque ambient collages, from Steve Reich influenced minimal music (track 4) and permutations – to itself slowly, however, steadily changing sound structures, which style always belonging. Pete Farn's newest album is a quieter and still stimulating work again. Friends of the minimal art come at her expense.