Stompetition by Nyama



4 tracks

Running time: 0:29:45
Released: 01/2009

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  01   Becoming Messy - 7:46
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  02   Philoskop - 7:37
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  03   Above and Beyond - 7:15
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  04   Mama Gaia Manacorp 2012 - 7:07
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More Info

Nyama is a psychedelic trance project dedicated to the night, the day and everything in between unless its twisted hours.

Behind this project is Jan Paluch from Hamburg, Germany, who was born in 1982 and discovered the so called goatrance in 1996... From 1998 on, he has been attending a lot of underground parties and many big festivals, enjoying himself and the culture in this new discovered universe and dancing a lot.
After some time he wanted to give something back to this community by creating something. While trying out what might fit his interests best, he was introduced to cubase in early 2007 and very fast he got addicted to twist knobs and creating something musically - the project Nyama was born.

Nyama's sound is all about getting the listener somewhere else, creating a story which leads into "trance". Jan is currently working on some collabs and a lot of tracks which hopefully will hit the ears and dancefloors sooner or later.