Moyland by Free System Projekt

Free System Projekt


6 tracks

Running time: 1:05:55
Released: 03/2006

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  01   Moyland Part 1 - 19:05
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  02   Moyland Part 2 - 12:12
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  03   Moyland Part 3 - 7:42
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  04   Moyland Part 4 - 11:12
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  05   Moyland Part 5 - 7:35
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  06   Transition - 8:09
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More Info

Moyland Part 1 was recorded at the third
Hampshire Jam and certainly brings back
some very pleasant memories. Lovely
Mournful tron / organ type sounds are
punctuated by the occasional cosmic
effect. These give way to lonesome flutey
synth and big bass rumbles. As far as
atmospheric intros go it really doesn't
get any better than this. A very deep and
equally melancholy lead line strikes up,
grasping your very soul. This is pure
class. The rather dense nature of the
track is kept up as a wonderful thick
steamroller of a sequence makes a
bludgeoning entrance. It increases in pace
and a second even faster one joins it as
we hurtle along in best mid seventies
Berlin School fashion. The accompanying
lead lines are pretty darned good as well,
the sounds chosen being exquisite. The
sequences bounce off and morph round each
other perfectly. Absolutely awesome!

The rest of the tracks were all recorded
in the studio. 'Moyland Part 2' has a
rather swirling windy beginning which is
soon joined by more mellotron. Yet another
sequence enters in the second minute,
surging along in a rather optimistic,
questing fashion. The backing is provided
by deep ethereal pads giving the whole
thing a rather majestic feel. The 3rd Part
shows just how subtly sequences can be
used when placed in the right hands. A
stunning splashing / steam hissing type
one is first to emerge whilst bass
pulsations very gradually start to rise in
the mix. The interplay between the two
sequences is masterful and the melancholy
end pure perfection. Part 4 whooshes into
life, propelled on a solar flare as we
begin our journey into the Cosmos. This
was so peaceful I thought we were going to
have a purely atmospheric number but no,
we are less than two minutes in and the
most ball breaking sequence so far surges
through. The atmospherics are still vital
here though providing the perfect
combination of lush and yet also spaced
out backing. We return to stellar realms
to finish. A slow throb gets The 5th Part
underway and its soon business as usual as
we get a similar sequence to the previous

The Last Part is again heavy on the
sequences, a complex bass one starting
things off. A more percussive one falls
into formation whilst a deep rhythm low in
the mix adds to the cascading syncopation
still further. I am now not sure if more
sequences are coming in or the existing
ones are rapidly mutating. Whatever is
going on it's certainly exciting stuff!
What a wonderful way to finish. (DL)