Ocean Drive by Pyramid Peak

Pyramid Peak

Ocean Drive

6 tracks

Running time: 1:18:39
Released: 04/2006

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  01   Reflections - 7:21
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  02   Ocean Drive - 23:22
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  03   Dive - 8:15
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  04   Sunrise - 11:12
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  05   Twilight - 15:24
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  06   Psycho (bonus track) - 13:05
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SynGate CD-R 2068

- originally released in 1999 -

Sequencer albums have certainly made a dramatic resurgence over the last few years but with quality like this the style hardly seems to be running out of steam, rather it is going from strength to strength. 'Ocean Drive' follows a much more 'Berlin school' path but also takes them from being a good band to being one of the very best putting them up with Ramp and Rainbow Serpent.
A heartbeat gently pulses over weird, mysterious drones but you only have to wait a minute before a shuffling sequence drifts in and out of the bubbling mist. A melody, low in the mix, is both melancholy and hinting at imminent danger at the same time. This then continues through to almost the end before fading back to the heartbeat that introduced the piece. The twenty three minute title track comes next and this time it is less than a minute before the sequence emerges above the exquisite synth pads. Less than two minutes in and another laser sharp sequence steps into formation and settles into Schulze territory for the next ten minutes. We then get a break, taking us gently to those hidden depths within ourselves. Garbled voices can just be heard heralding the next pulsating staccato onslaught, heavier than before with a superb lead line accompanying it.
Metallic, cosmic rumbles are as effective a way as any to commence 'Dive' but as in previous tracks the atmospheric introduction is not left on its own long before a sonic cascade joins it. The melody is the best so far fitting in with the sombre synth pads perfectly. More faint talked vocals can just be made out but this time they are female. 'Sunrise' breaks over the ocean and birds fly through the morning haze. The images created are so vivid you could almost be there. The peace is shattered after three minutes (a long introduction that one!) by an urgent sequence and a melody almost echoing the bird cries. This is a track full of the joy of being alive, the ideal accompaniment to a warm but energetic summers day. 'Twilight' finishes the album but this isn't all gentle sleepy stuff, oh no! The strident sequence reminds of Jarre but the lead is much more Tangerine Dream. Have they saved the best till last? Yup I think so. Five minutes in but things are still building and becoming more intense.
The additional track 'Psycho' starts with fittingly dark, moody distorted drones. A brooding sequence starts up creating an unsettling atmosphere but then a higher register sequence is brought into play creating quite a contrast with the first. When the lead line comes in it is excellent emphasising the uneasy undercurrents. In the seventh minute the pace quickens dramatically as if the chase is on. The melodies get better and better right until the end. This is an excellent addition to already superb album. (DL)