Conscious Pilot by Pan Electric

Pan Electric

Conscious Pilot

12 tracks

Running time: 0:52:08
Released: 11/2008

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  01   Orbital Overture - 4:31
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  02   Sheshamany Shufle - 4:41

  03   Rising Slowly - 6:17

  04   Zumaware - 7:24

  05   Sky Circles - 1:23
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  06   Always - 0:38
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  07   When You Are Loved - 5:07

  08   A Winters Walk - 4:08

  09   April - 7:14

  10   Always a Way - 0:32
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  11   A Moment of Grace - 4:56

  12   Always a Way Back Up - 5:17

More Info

Produced by Pan Electric, Conscious Pilot explores navigation, instinct, nostalgia and spiritual elevation. Using vocal harmonies and melody through the talents of a fantastic line up of musicians but still working with the ambient textures and atmospheres associated with this label.

Used extensively in “Timewarp” Chris Klopfs style surf film.

"I'm blown away at how the music is matching the action, and how low key and subtle the music is. It matches the intensity of the waves and surfing, with some of the slow-motion stuff coming off incredibly synced. I just got to tell you your (Pan Electric) material is the best out of all of them!"

Chris Klopf.