Elemental Journey by Pan Electric & Ishq

Pan Electric & Ishq

Elemental Journey

5 tracks

Running time: 1:09:39
Released: 11/2008

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  01   Terra Firma - 12:09
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  02   The Band from Atlantis - 12:21
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  03   Fire Dance - 14:18
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  04   Where the Evening Meets the Sky - 7:24
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  05   Air - 23:27

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"With ELEMENTAL JOURNEY Matt Coldrick and Matt Hillier (aka ISHQ) affirm their commitment to music as a medium for the contemplation of nature.

Elemental journey is for those yearning for authenticity in an increasingly artificial world."

Chuck van Zyl – Stars end

With licensed to Greenpeace /CH4's cutting edge documentary "The Deadline" this album draws on acid rock and space ambiance going through layer upon layer of sonic texture to connect.

"Each piece reflects the textures and feelings, perhaps the essence of each element to conjure up imagery in the listeners mind and create an association and a resonance with the forces of nature."