Multiverse Theories by ONIONBRAIN AND THE ALIENS


Multiverse Theories

4 tracks

Running time: 0:29:24
Released: 11/2008

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  01   Redundance - 7:15
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  02   Green Worm - 6:37
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  03   Silence - 7:26
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  04   Outlander - 8:06
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More Info

Onionbrain is Bruno Azalim, a new fresh Progressive Psychedelic Producer from Brazil. In this release, Bruno bring to us four psychedelic trips mixing his style with more three producers: Megiddo, side project of a very well known Dark Psychedelic producer, Carmine Tarsitano aka Necropsycho Bezoar, a duo formed by Marcelo Noxius and Alanita Muscaria aka Succubus And Disfunction aka Diogo Gouveia, a new Progressive Psychedelic producer from Brazil.

When the sun goes down, another cycle is closed and restart in each of the parallel universes spread across the infinite. What would happen to the human mind if it goes exposed to something extraordinary for its conventions? Theories Multiverse is a reflection of the sound sensory immersion in various alternatives dimensions. What is your theory?

Dark Progressive Psytrance