Re:Transmission by polaris



8 tracks

Running time: 0:52:23
Released: 10/2005

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  01   Introduction - 1:49

  02   Crumbling - 12:24
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  03   Recovery Time - 3:53
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  04   Ab Ovo - 7:35
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  05   Code Voice - 7:15
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  06   Arboretum - 6:13
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  07   A Way Back - 6:19
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  08   Transmission - 6:55
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More Info

"Re:Transmission" is live album containing concert recording from International Music Presentations AMBIENT 2005 in Gorlice/Poland. The material consists of 5 new pieces, the other 2 are live versions of pieces taken from "Moo'n'sequences" album.

People entering the veneue and also introduction made by Jerzy Kordowicz were accompanied by specially prepared dark-ambient music background. Whole concert material started from dark atmosphere so that it evokes strange mood and anxiety, but then going more into bright atmosphere brought even euforic states of human emotions.
The music in general is abstract thing, but it has perfect abilities to express emotions. Even if it's not any of direct message it's certainly a form of transmission as well as dialogue - hence the title is "re:transmission" and again a word-playing is used here.