The Sara Ayers Remixes by Sara Ayers and Figura

Sara Ayers and Figura

The Sara Ayers Remixes

6 tracks

Running time: 0:42:37
Released: 06/2001

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  01   Falling Silent - 6:21
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  02   Lachrymatory - 6:49
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  03   Night Hounds - 6:57
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  04   Of The Woods - 5:23
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  05   Winter and the Sound of Nothing - 8:09
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  06   Nico's Dreaming - 8:58
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More Info

Figura, a trio of electronic musicians from Rostov-on-Don, Russia, teams up with US composer-vocalist Sara Ayers to create a richly textured, cross-cultural CD of luminous, pulsating electronic music.

Figura was founded in 1997 and has consistently wowed audiences across South Russia with both their electrifying live shows and their five acclaimed CD releases. Formed by three friends who discovered they had similar, eclectic tastes in music and art, Figura combines the unique and varied talents of Oleg Gaponov, Peter Kaplin and Anatoly Shemuratov to create swirling, pulsating sounds that transcend musical styles and international borders.

In these six exquisite remixes, Figura takes the ethereal ambient compositions of Sara Ayers and turns them into hip, cutting-edge electronic masterpieces.