Live 2007 by WintherStormer


Live 2007

3 tracks

Running time: 1:19:31
Released: 07/2007

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  01   pure analog forever - 26:06
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  02   wooden chair - 28:37
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  03   random is our friend - 24:48
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Live 2007 is a live recording of the WintherStormer performance at the "e-live" festival in Holland on October 14th 2006.
WintherStormer performed 3 sets at the «E-live» festival in Holland on 14th October 2006.

After a long travel through Norway, Denmark and Germany by van, the band arrived in Eindhoven with a lot of gear, were they played in the «Glass hall» of the Technical University, Eindhoven. This was the first major gig for the band with all 4 members of WintherStormer involved.

The band got a lot of positive reactions, and wishes to thank everyone who attended.

The performance was released as a limited-edition CD-R, but a lot of people has ask to buy the recording, so we are please to announce the recording on MucisZeit.

Please note that the original release had no cover besides the actual label artwork with information. Likewise this electronic release only has the label and the same image as front cover.

The recording was made available by Pakusch Project - see - No# PP207.

WintherStormer wishes to thank Ron Boots and Modulator_ESP for kind help in capturing this live performance.

Review by Phil Derby on
This limited edition disc without packaging was for WintherStormer’s E-Live performance, and includes an extended version of “Pure Analog Forever” that also appeared on their Woodwork CD. Though this version is over 10 minutes longer, it retains the cool, slowly pulsating vibe, with a very nice interplay between the synths, sequencing, and percussion. The synths get squelchy and very retro in the middle, yet it still retains the fresh take on Berlin school that WintherStormer brings to the table. “Wooden Chair” comes whooshing in next, with more unique sounds. This is raw stuff, very electronic and very non-musical, but the sounds are sure cool, whatever you want to call it. It does soften considerably, getting much more spacey in the middle, sounding remarkably similar to some early TD bootlegs, circa 1974 or so. The knob-twiddling does get a little shrill at times, which I’d like to see them keep in check just a bit, as my aging ears have a bit of trouble with those frequencies. But the parts that work are really cool, not the least of which is the excellent closing track, “Random is our Friend,” although it seems like the recording on this one is a bit more muffled and bootleggish that the first two for some reason. Still, adventurous EM fans should seek this out if you can get your hands on one.

Review by Sylvain Lupari at
Guts Of Darkness: The French Website of Dark, Ambient & Experimental Music:

With prog rock gongs, it’s a strongly metallic intro to heavy beam which draws the first movements of Pure Analog Forever. Synthetic and very alien’s waves are degrading a moderate cacophony; in order to design the path of this minimalism ascending Berlin School march. Noisier and more acid than on the first band opus, this version of Pure Analog Forever commands a wider opening on this spastic derivative which surrounds a tetanized finale. But between the intro and the ending, it is a flexible musical world with restrain and melodious progressions.
Welcome in the particular universe of WintherStormer. A musical world where hypnotic harmonies eyed from head to foot to highly synthesize crooked sound effects and, we have to admit it, unmatch harmonies in progress. A little as if beauty could be spoil by vice.
On this live album, Winther/Stormer/Gundersen and Helland deliver their musical thoughts without restrains. On the other hand, such energy looks hard to catch up and to be hold on cd, without overdubs or remixes. Per moments, the sound is loud and looks like it’s corrode by distortions which, surprisingly, mix with wonder to the content. As if WintherStormer defies any harmonious simplicity.
Wooden Chair offers an intro to soft taste of liquid metal before exploring a softly cosmic world to spangle breathes. Modulations are tender and inviting, lulling by seismic approaches close to a controlled cacophony. A superb stellar waltz derives in a symmetrical blackness, before undertaking a constant sequence turn, where mitigated sound effects cap a superb ascending movement to beautiful synthesized nuances. Simply great prog Berlin School. The soft gliding layers which introduce Random Is Our Friend, are melting to dubious synths which temperate a mix of atonic and melodious cosmic universe. Heavy pulsations with wavering reverberations bore the opacity of nothingness, before formed heavy and jerky sequences which spread out an astonishing loud rhythm. Spasms of unmatched percussions cross this rhythmic pattern, such an unequal ride, which are stow constantly on a tempo to quarrelsome melody. Great musical art that twist on disparate waves, creating a long and solid track which delivers a surprising constancy on syncretic and concordant sound elements. An epic track which will gain being remixed in studio.
WintherStormer delivers another intense electro progressive album, stripped of any commercial direction. Music where the Norwegian group explores the mazes of their creativity without reserves, nor borders. For fans of electronic progressive contemporary music.

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