Phoenix by Kubusschnitt



5 tracks

Running time: 1:07:01
Released: 02/2006

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  01   Phoenix Part 1 - 19:03
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  02   Phoenix Part 2 - 8:56

  03   Phoenix Part 3 - 13:26

  04   Phoenix Part 4 - 12:24

  05   Phoenix Part 5 - 13:12

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OK, here is where it gets complicated! A couple of years ago Kubusschitt released an album called 'Exeter' which was limited to just fifty copies. That contained their fifty- eight minute concert from said city plus a twenty-one minute additional track. 'Phoenix' takes forty-two minutes from the Exeter concert plus includes two completely new tracks. To sum up, unless you have the Limited edition all this will be new music. Even if you do have it however you will still be getting twenty-five mins (the last two tracks) of completely new material. Enough of all that - on to the music.

Twittering cosmic effects mix with very deep windy pads as if we are travelling through space, past nebulae and other wondrous stellar phenomena. A lovely little flutey lead line materialises low in the mix. A tinkling sequence starts up gradually becoming more complex. A second thunderous one, like a mix between 'Rubycon' and 'Arcturus', falls into place alongside it and soon becomes the main feature- shaking the floor and getting the head nodding in time to the Earth shattering pulsations. Thick pads create a wonderful setting for the mayhem then we get duelling guitar and synth lead lines- awesome! We reach quite a head of steam then in the fifteenth minute calm returns, soft flute and lush pads mixing together beautifully. We continue our journey seamlessly into Part Two. Another bass sequence starts up and soon develops into a cracker supported by gorgeous mellotron (the classic formula!). More sequences come in- one higher register melodic one acting like a lead line in its own right. The guitar adds just a little detail here and there but is very much in support of the sequences which are controlled with great skill, morphing this way and that, creating an every changing wall of pulsations. In the fifth minute things calm down to a low throb over which play excellent analogue seventies sounding melodic detail.

The Third Part is yet another sequencer fest, a bright one leading the way with a second chugging one close on its heels. Chuck in some tron and we are soon, once more, hurtling forwards in Berlin School bliss. Guitar and synth lead lines again battle against each other. The synth sounds very mid 70s TD whilst the guitar is of the heavier Maxxess variety. Part Four changes the sequences but is still a syncopated blast. The guitar is there but not as strident, just providing lovely little splashes of colour. Some excellent 'Sorcerer' type sounds can be heard nearer the end. The final part begins with a melodic shimmering tinkling loop, gently echoing into the distance. A substantial sequence bounces in. A high hat line comes in to support the initial melody then we get some intriguing sampled text. In the second half of the track the guitar returns, all rather moody and full of attitude it is too. The sequence ends abruptly and a final bell type note echoes into infinity. What a wonderful album this is! (DL)