Home Without The Journey by The Glimmer Room

The Glimmer Room

Home Without The Journey

3 tracks

Running time: 0:51:33
Released: 09/2008

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  01   Home Without The Journey - 27:48
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  02   Carbon Statues - 11:26
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  03   Cool Blue And The Plough - 12:19
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Home Without The Journey is the third studio album from The Glimmer Room. Two
and a half years in the making, this is the most complex and intricate album Andy
Condon has recorded to date. The title track moves through many delicate
movements in the twenty-eight minuets of the track, from the full and dense
moments we move into a tidal ambient landscapes and back again. It all ends up as a subtle sonic monument to all the lessons learned working on the first two Glimmer Room albums.
Carbon Statues the second track was recorded in a sleepless weekend after being left home alone. Again Andy follows the wish to explore the more fluid style of music introduced in Home Without The Journey. The result is a very introspective and delicate melodic piece wrapped up in almost tidal washes of processed sounds. The track features the voice of the late Robert Oppenheimer.
The third track Cool Blue And The Plough is a track of two halves the first slowly
introduces a long and evolving cyclic sequential theme punctuated with bursts of
melody. This acts as the perfect introduction to the last half and the climax of the
album. This last part brings with it the feeling of the sun breaking through the clouds with a melancholy melody and a choral pad that was recorded to sound like a sonic double helix running through the track. Cool Blue And The Plough features The Jupiter 8’s OJ on fretless bass guitar.
Making a break away from the modern trend to make CD’s sound as load as possible
but at the cost of a loss in dynamics. Home Without The journey has purposely been
mastered in a way that holds back on shear volume to make way for an album that
follows the highs and lows in a much more intimate and emotional way.