Semper Fidelity by Galactic Anthems

Galactic Anthems

Semper Fidelity

9 tracks

Running time: 0:55:26
Released: 04/2007

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  01   The Ferris Adagio - 6:24
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  02   Cloud Surfing - 5:19
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  03   Confrontation In The Cave - 5:23
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  04   The Campaign To Liberate Ferris - 10:29
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  05   One Last Mission - 5:58
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  06   Fallen Heroes - 5:20
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  07   Drowned World - 5:52
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  08   The Fensi Largo - 6:23
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  09   Semper Fidelity - 4:18
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More Info

When the kidnapping of a child brings a trio of old space war buddies back together to foil the crime, they unearth a greater evil, one that threatens to rock the galaxy! How strong is Semper Fidelity when the stakes involve the corruption of honor?

A unique collaboration between Galactic Anthems' musical maestro Glenn Adams and sci-fi storyteller Matt Howarth. A thrilling graphic story in full color--and 55 minutes of exciting music inspired by the tale. (IMPORTANT: The url for downloading the comic is on the rear CD tray.)

Galactic Anthems has been named "The Unsigned Artist of the Month" in the August 2007 issue of Keyboard Magazine. Here's the link to the article:

Here's the article:
"Here at Keyboard Central, Galactic Anthems’ grand, synth-orchestrated project is a new one for us — a comic book soundtrack. Bringing to mind Amin Bhatia’s Interstellar Suite, Semper Fidelity uses older instruments like the Yamaha DX7 and E-mu Proteus 1 and 2, as well as soft synths like Native Instruments Absynth and Atmosphere to create an engrossing soundscape that’s majestic, fun, intense, and campy — in other words, perfect comic book accompaniment. Speak of the devil, the enhanced CD comes with PDF files of a full-color comic tale, created by sci-fi storyteller Matt Howarth. Reading and listening simultaneously is an engaging, trippy experience for sure. For crafting great mood music — and using it in a quirky, entertaining context — Galactic Anthems (a.k.a. electronic artist Glenn Adams) is Keyboard’s Unsigned Artist of the Month."
- Michael Gallant-- Keyboard Magazine, August 2007