Ufo Breakfast by Foreign Spaces

Foreign Spaces

Ufo Breakfast

9 tracks

Running time: 0:41:59
Released: 07/1995

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  01   Ufo Breakfast - 4:09
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  02   Starrise - 4:34
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  03   Easy Flyer - 2:41
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  04   Floating Pyramids - 3:16
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  05   Metropolis - 7:33
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  06   Magic Park - 3:21
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  07   Meeting Escher - 6:43
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  08   Foreign Places - 5:36
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  09   The Ufo Has Landed - 4:06
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More Info

SynGate FSCD 1995

The 1995 debut from the band, consisting of just Georg Reiter and Christian Feher at the time, sports a more structured approach to music making, lacking any of the long tracks that graced the band's later offerings.
What is consistent with later releases is the space concept and UFO references in many of the titles, starting with the opening title track which boasts a strong sequential presence working with varied harmonic and melodic motifs which gets the album off to a good start.
After the similar 'Star Rise' and it's uplifting chorus, 'Easy Flver' is a short, laid-back piece that floats on the air currents. 'Floating Pyramids' drops the rhythms and lets a haunting melody take centre stage unimpeded which adequately describes the majesty of the subject matter (if you use your imagination!) before 'Metropolis' gets back up to rhythmic speed and from here on in the rhythmic side of the band's style is very much to the fore, even allowing fot the more mysterious opening to 'Foreign Spaces' before.
The 'UFO Has Landed' ends the album on an edgy note, keeping to the band's trademark style.