Premonition by Rogue Element

Rogue Element


4 tracks

Running time: 1:07:57
Released: 06/2004

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  01   Beyond Cerberus - 15:10
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  02   Tropospheric Propogation - 17:34
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  03   Rainbow Runner - 17:25
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  04   Falls The Shadow - 17:48
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Images of a desolate monastery came to mind as a lonesome bell chimes out over a windy landscape. Thunder joins it then wonderful electronic drones and loads of gorgeous mellotron which could have come straight from 'Encore' or even 'Epsilon in Malaysian Pale'. Delicate flutey lead lines float over the top. We are less than three minutes in to 'Beyond Cerberus' and I reckon retro fans will already be in heaven. All that is missing is a sequence which then come one after another with an absolutely brilliant mid seventies lead line doing the business over the top. If there is anything better than heaven we have now reached it. The mellotron keeps going underneath but everything else changes as a new sequence builds to devastating proportions. More fantastic tron comes in and the lead lines get even better. Things aren't allowed to stagnate as element after element mutates or is changed, the only constant being quality. There is enough in this one track alone to fill an entire album. I simply can't praise it highly enough- essential in any Berlin School collection.

I must admit after that the second track 'Tropospheric Propagation' didn't quite hit the spot for me. It starts excellently with watery effects and piano then mellotron all mixing together beautifully. A sequence emerges in the fourth minute along with bass rhythm, high hat then another sequence. At the seven-minute mark we descend to the watery effects again. So far so good but it is the way the drums and sequences combined when they reform which didn't quite seem to work. Even so, if we end up with just nine minutes on a budget priced sixty-seven minute album that descends to the mere average, I can certainly forgive that especially with the delights still to come. 'Rainbow Runner' takes us back to pure class. Again all the different elements go together blissfully. The mellotron takes the lead role at the beginning, calming the soul and relaxing the body which are then shaken awake by a sequence / high hat combination. Delicate pads provide just the right amount of colouring as the pulsations develop. Just before the eight minute mark we enter a whirlpool of analogue / tron sounds slowly calming to a gentle drone and excellent lead line which again took me back to 'Encore'.

With seven minutes to go the sequence re-emerges over yet more superb packing. It becomes gradually more strident until notes are simply avalanching from the speakers with the occasional skip in their step. I loved it! 'Falls the Shadow' gets underway with appropriately dark, whooshing, crashing slabs of sound. A delicate sequence starts to emerge through phantom of the opera type organ. The mood is softened with the re-emergence of the mellotron. It's as if dawn is emerging after a sleepless night. Things then become moodier and moodier, a storm again breaking in the background. Another sequence emerges, a nice bass one, and we start to thunder forwards. There is a suitably menacing lead line to go with it and of course more swelling tron. Another sequence is added and things become even more exciting. An awesome album! (DL)