Live - Electric Visions by F.D.Project


Live - Electric Visions

6 tracks

Running time: 0:52:23
Released: 11/2004

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  01   Harmonie In Space - 9:15
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  02   Galaxy 2003 The Next Generation - 6:38
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  03   Memorys - 8:19
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  04   Galaxy 2004 The Long Way - 15:53
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  05   Two Times In One - 6:29
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  06   End Of Visions - 5:49
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SynGate CD-R FDX1

Frank Dorritke aka F.D.Project is one of the main organizers of the first Electric-Visions festivals which has taken place on the 13th of November, 2004 in Germany. Now he has provided a CD which shows the large part of his appearance. Except 'Dreamless World' and 'Dream Sound - Endless Dream Part Two' is the complete concert. Besides, Frank does not hide behind the keys, as soon as he takes his E guitar, he builds on the stage edge hard in the strings. Also with the album the sound quality of the pieces is distinguished. This album is to be recommended to the friends of good instrumental music who are not declined more electronically elements as well as a fantastically played E guitar.