The Lambda Variant by Hashtronaut


The Lambda Variant

2 tracks

Running time: 0:51:25
Released: 03/2006

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  01   The Lambda Variant - 26:44

  02   Church of Lambda, Lambda Ritual (Live) - 24:41
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Little tinkling melodic tones provide a gentle start to the title track. They morph beautifully, caressing the senses. The track develops as two further sequences, both excellent, are deployed along with a lovely dreamy lead line. All the time we seem to be building momentum, really starting to motor by the eighth minute with the introduction of syncopation. By the twelfth minute the pace does slacken a little as a new sequence and lead line are brought into play and very effective they are too. The drums which had disappeared for a few minutes now come back with added urgency, getting me beating out time on the desk in front of me whilst I try to type this. In the twenty-first minute all descends to chaotic swirls of sound assaulting the senses but the bedlam soon disappears and out of the chaos appear gorgeous soft windy pads. A lovely way to finish.

An organ played over metallic drone gives ‘Church of Lambda’ a rather Gothic beginning. Massed echoing cosmic twitters increase in intensity then just before the fifth minute an awesome fizzling sequence starts to hurl itself from the speakers. An equally forceful solo belts over the top. The mayhem of sequence and wonderfully crazed solos goes on and on for about the next sixteen minutes before we wind down to comic effects and slow sonic throbs coming in waves. It sounds a bit like a track from one of Klaus Schulze’s (with also a little Tim Blake and Rolf Trostel thrown in their for good measure) early box sets where he really lets rip but this is even more OTT. The heavier and more extreme the better for me- so I love it! Both albums I have heard by Hashtronaught have had something of a ‘done in one take’ feel and this is what gives them some of their excitement. (DL)