Slow Burn by HyperEx Machina

HyperEx Machina

Slow Burn

7 tracks

Running time: 1:14:30
Released: 07/2008

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  01   Slow Burn (part 001) - 14:07
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  02   Slow Burn (part 010) - 11:51
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  03   Slow Burn (part (011) - 12:57
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  04   Slow Burn (part 100) - 9:11
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  05   Slow Burn (part (101) - 9:55
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  06   Midnight Remembered (remastered) - 11:20
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  07   Underture - 5:09
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More Info

Contains the extended 5-part title track, a masterpiece of the Ambient genre, gradually increasing in intensity through the 5 parts, taking in sequences, and eventually finishing with a guitar blow-out in the final part.
'Midnight Remembered' is a re-make of a classic HyperEx Machina track from way back, and the album is rounded out with the bonus track 'Underture'

Tracks ....
1 to 5. Slowburn
- Part 001 14:07
- Part 010 11:51
- Part 011 12:57
- Part 101 9:11
- Part 101 9:55
2. Midnight Remembered 11:20
3. Underture 5:09

"The terror that we feel in our souls
At the realisation of our own mortality
Fades into sunrise
Only midnight remembers
The slow burn of the dark night
And the kiss of fear"

Continuous Mix

When creating a CD from these tracks, it will work better if you remove the gaps from between the tracks 1 to 5 (the 5 parts of Slowburn)


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