Soundtracks by Jeff Greinke

Jeff Greinke


6 tracks

Running time: 1:06:52
Released: 09/2004

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  01   Gradual Motion (dream) - 5:51
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  02   Oil and Water (reflection on nature, madness and psyche, film by Corwin Fergus) - 26:44
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  03   Closing (Corwin Fergus) - 1:48
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  04   Foster Island (film by Serge Gregory) - 6:17
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  05   Over Water (performance by Astrid Larsen) - 14:03
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  06   5,000 Falling Souls (dance by Joan Laage) - 12:09
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"Soundtracks, which incorporates pieces for film, performance and dance, is comprised of extremely refined and carefully considered music that creates some profoundly interesting states and is much more developed and interesting than the typical soundtrack...Greinke's efforts range from tranquil to unsettled, from some truly beautifully written passages realized with cello and piano, to intricate, heavily treated and nearly atonal soundscapes that remain very musical, refusing to degenerate into sound." K. Leimer e/i magazine