Bottle Universe by Hashtronaut


Bottle Universe

2 tracks

Running time: 1:14:12
Released: 06/2006

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  01   Bottle Universe - 35:58
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  02   Mind Bomb - 38:14

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We begin the title track with deep spaced out windy effects. There is an uneasy feeling as though we are being stalked by some strange alien creature. The mood lightens a little as softer pads drift through the ether. I am soothed into a lovely relaxed state of float then wallop- in comes the sequence. This is the second album I heard by Hashtronaught and I am beginning to pick up a little of their style. The sequences are always huge and when they arrive there is no subtle build up- its like an earthquake hitting without warning. A slow questing lead line, silky smooth, glides above the boiling pulsations. Different elements come and go. It’s all rather organic sounding but also thick and many layered. Indeed it is difficult to take in all that is going on as we gloop between one new lead line, to some interesting effects, to the twisting and bending sequence. By the twentieth minute the sequence seems to be submerging into the sonic quicksand to disappear altogether as all the shimmers and solar flares take over. We are nowhere near finished yet however. A repeated echoing motif provides some focus in a dreamy misty-eyed sort of way. We are then brutally shaken to full consciousness as an even more aggressive sequence spews forth gloriously like an erupting volcano.

‘Mind Bomb’, as with other Hashtronaught tracks starts very twittery and bubbly, the sounds gently echoing and fading into infinity. Some sort of vast reactor starts up, throbbing away energetically. The power is shut off but we still speed though the cosmos on the back of an insistent four note sequence which gradually rises through the mix A moody lead line weaves its spell causing me to close my eyes and just let myself be taken along with the flow. It then becomes more intense (maybe a little overly so?) as I am dragged back to the job in hand just in time to hear another wonderful percussive sequence emerge, mixing perfectly with the first. They then go for it big style for about twenty minutes of chugging sequences and soaring lead lines until a rather strange and abrupt finish. Not for the faint hearted that is for sure! (DL)