Divine Flow with Cold Joy by HyperEx Machina

HyperEx Machina

Divine Flow with Cold Joy

8 tracks

Running time: 1:06:13
Released: 07/2008

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  01   Divine Flow with Cold Joy part 1 - 9:11
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  02   Divine Flow with Cold Joy part 2 - 8:49
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  03   Divine Flow with Cold Joy part 3 - 11:05
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  04   Divine Flow with Cold Joy part 4 - 7:34
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  05   The Pulse Quickens - 8:18
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  06   Facing North - 5:29
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  07   In the Blink of an I - 7:44
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  08   Jaeo O - 8:03
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More Info

Divine Flow with Cold Joy initially started out as a track on an earlier album, but it was too good, and a further 3 parts just had to be added.
Add to that the anthemic The Pulse Quickens and 3 more tracks, and you have this, one of HyperEx Machina's best albums.

Tracks ....
1. Divine Flow with Cold Joy 36:33
i Overture
ii The Realm of Sins
ii Absolution
iv Poetry
2. The Pulse Quickens 8:18
3. Facing North 5:29
4. In the Blink of an I 7:44
5. Jaeo 0 8:03

'Divine Flow with Cold Joy' was originally a track an another album, called 'If Shakespeare Had the Bomb'.
But it was such a good track that HyperEx found himself doing another three parts to it, the result being the suite that makes up the first half of this album.

Divine Flow with Cold Joy

A kiss of life springs from black lips,
And in their sweet touch, a look.
A glance of purest delight,
Which turns in an instant to misery,
And soon enjoys the human form.

An awed silence
A great yearning toward the pain we devised.
Never doubt the first instinctive thought,
Above all that is forever.
We are not fit to be eternal,
Nor sprung from heavenly loins,
For absolution is the enemy,
And love is the human truth

The realm of sins and our vindictive needs,
Are not the human spirit, but born of greed.
We must look to our futures,
And the glorious songs must ring out
For if there is no good,
Then our lives are merely
Divine flow with cold joy.

Continuous mix

When making a CD of this album, it will work better if there are no gaps between the four parts of the title track


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