Berlin Impressions Volume 3 by ken martin

ken martin

Berlin Impressions Volume 3

5 tracks

Running time: 1:16:49
Released: 02/2002

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  01   Through the Vortex of Liquid Light - 30:34
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  02   On the Horizon of Kalidas - 8:55
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  03   Impressions - 18:46
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  04   Andromeda Fallout - 8:49
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  05   Neurophasing - 9:45
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Originally released on CD on the SFM label this seminal Ken Martin album is reissued exclusively on MusicZeit with the bonus track Neurophasing.

Twittering cosmic effects get the half hour 'Through the Vortex of Liquid Lights' underway. We float on soft pads but this is a sector of space also full of electronic shimmers and other power sources. These embellishments are fascinating without detracting from a predominantly tranquil feeling. In the seventh minute a sequence gradually emerges slowly seeping into the soul rather than blasting forth. The main elements are now in palace for the rest of this long blissed out trip.
We stay in deep space for 'On the Horizon of Kaldas'. Rapid echoing flurries of notes give way to deep tron type sounds. This is very much mid seventies TD influenced stuff. Again it's rather relaxing but also with a heavy ominous edge. It's a wonderful track which takes me back and re-creates the excitement conjured up by the pioneers this CD is paying homage to from almost thirty years ago. 'Impressions' begins with a gorgeous melodic lead line. As it departs a rapid sequence takes over mutating in classic style. More exquisite lead lines come and go, Peter Baumann from 1976 especially came to mind- yes its that good!
The sequence just goes on from strength to strength with the lead giving a great moody edge. It's a track that should be in every retro fan's collection your jaw will hit the floor. We get a rather spooky start to 'Andromeda Fallout'. Ethereal pads sounding like spectres floating through space mix with metallic tones. More thick pads and tronish sounds are added to create a dark but also magical cosmic trip. 'Neurophasing' follows on in a very similar mood but the sound is even bigger, the massed pads sometimes sounding like some vast engine propelling an alien craft. This is an excellent retro CD with many high points and no lows.