Kyzyl To Samarkand by Sara Ayers and Ryuta.K

Sara Ayers and Ryuta.K

Kyzyl To Samarkand

5 tracks

Running time: 0:53:06
Released: 07/2008

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  01   Golden Warrior Prince of Saka - 11:01
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  02   Invisible Cities - 15:23
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  03   Shirley Collins - 7:16
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  04   This Is What I Wanted - 8:35
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  05   Kyzyl To Samarkand - 10:51
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More Info

Kyzyl To Samarkand is the culmination of a year-long collaboration between Japanese dark ambient experimentalist Ryuta.K and US vocalist-composer Sara Ayers.

The music is foreboding, ethereal, plaintive and dense; diaphanous vocals float over surreal beds of field recordings, molten noise and nervous guitars, evoking the sound of an ominous journey on a pan-Asian silk road.

Tokyo-Chiba based experimental musician Ryuta.K (oVdk & Bunk Data, Overdose Kunst, Ryu) creates electronic and electro-acoustic sonic textures that he describes as “Post sampling kinetic non-hierarchical nonlinear non-equilibrium forth world muziq!"

New York composer Sara Ayers creates haunting soundscapes using her voice: sampled, layered, looped and pitch-shifted, building intricately woven washes of sounds that ebb and flow from delicate lullabies to banshee wails.