Mizar by Pete Farn

Pete Farn


7 tracks

Running time: 1:06:46
Released: 06/2008

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  01   Sphereholder - 12:11
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  02   Breath - 8:57
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  03   Upload - 6:29
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  04   Bee In Space - 9:14
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  05   Approaching Mizar - 6:17
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  06   Zeta Ursae Maioris - 10:05
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  07   Shaderunner - 13:33
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SynGate CD-R PF04

The live project FARN was founded beginning of the eighties with the purpose to present electronic experimental music live. Till this day the project is continued by Peter Schaefer alias Pete Farn and is complemented with studio work.
No matter whether in the studio or live on stage: Pete(r) FARN Schaefer is a sound experiment, is a sound architecture.