trespasser by Terje Winther

Terje Winther


6 tracks

Running time: 1:19:45
Released: 04/2004

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  01   the city of cruithne - 15:52
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  02   wishful drone around midnight - 10:08
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  03   waiting for the next wave - 15:12
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  04   running through the edge - 23:05
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  05   essinc - 8:44
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  06   jumpgate shores - 6:44
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Berlin School-influenced artist from Norway. Trespasser features six improvised tracks, done predominantly on analog synthesizers. Subsequently, the sound is very rich and warm.

"The City of Cruithne" starts with an abstract intro with various noises and hums. This long track then settles into a sequencer-based groove - very exciting. Got my head nodding to this one. It's a bit Tangerine Dream-y, but only slightly so. Some melodic motifs in the second part also reminded me on Jean Michel Jarre. The solos are top-notch throughout.
"Wishful Drone Around Midnight" is very dramatic and strong. Totally atmospheric and the way Terje uses pitch bend and LFO modulation makes the lead line sound very Middle Eastern, something like electronic duduk even! I think Djivan Gasparyan would enjoy it. Excellent track.
How about a track based exclusively on one sequence? If the idea appeals to you I think you will enjoy the next track, called "Waiting For the Next Wave". I was stunned by the richness of its sound. I mean it's only one sequence, but it's so fat, and always changing, mutating, keeping you on your toes. By the end of the track it turns into a real mayhem. There are only several examples of EM tracks consisting of one sequence and this one makes you wish there were more.
"Running Through the Edge" is Terje's own interpretation of a long Schulzean epic. Do I like it? I sure do! Although it could be just a bit too derivative for my taste, Terje's own signature becomes more prominent in the second part and overall it's a very very enjoyable trip and delivers the goods throughout its 23-minute length. If you like Moondawn / Body Love / Mirage era Schulze and don't really mind another cosmic trip in that style, you will like this, I predict.
"Essinc" is upbeat and sequencer-based, with tasty analog solos.
Finally, the album ends with "Jumpgate Shores" (great title!) which is very evocative and cosmic - my favorite track.

Trespasser is an excellent album of very 70's sounding neo-prog EM, often cosmic and in most cases sequencer-heavy. The fact that all music is improvised is a plus in my view as well.
Give me a CD player with this album and send me to the desert island - you will find me lying on the beach every night, watching the stars & the sea, "waiting for the next wave".

2005. Artemi Pugachov / Russia
Trespasser is Norwegian Terje Winther’s entry into the Berlin school.

“The City of Cruithne” starts with a variety of cool space effects. A light, bouncing bass line appears, building on itself until it develops into a full-fledged sequence. The lead line plays a bit loose, seeming out of balance with the sequencer at times. The music pulses along insistently, then a sudden shift at 8:45 pays homage to early Jean-Michel Jarre, moving at a more leisurely pace.
A distant drumbeat marks the segue into “Wishful Drone Around Midnight”. A meandering vintage synth solo explores nooks and crannies along the sonic landscape. Devoid of loops and beats, it is somewhat haunting and very good.
“Waiting for the Next Wave” is sure to please sequencer fanatics as it gyrates and mutates its way along. This number is truly based on pure sequencing, with virtually nothing else going on, yielding very positive results.
“Running through the Edge” is a 23-minute piece of pure Teutonics, very much like Klaus Schulze circa 1975. The mood, the synth sounds, and once again the sequencing are all very familiar and well done. Drums appear later, and are simple but effective in setting the tempo and building the intensity. The main theme is steady going, but there are enough twists and turns to keep the interest level high. It gets a little wild at the end, shifting into prog rock mode with cymbals and organs joining the fray.
Abruptly we jump headlong into “Essinc”, which eventually winds down to dark choirs. As sequencing again joins in, we’re transported to Tangerine Dream’s seventies sound.
“Jumpgate Shores” ends on a different note, moving in fits and starts as if catching its breath. It’s a bit odd, but I like how it takes a different path to end the CD.

With this strong debut, Winther is definitely one to watch.

2005. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space
For the retro rockers amongst us there was one artist on E-dition CD#4 that really stood out, Terje Winther. His track was the essence of old school EM and I immediately purchased "Trespasser" and I haven't regretted this purchase for one single moment. The opening track, "The City of Cruithne", begins with the obligatory three minutes of space sounds after which the sequencers carefully blend in. Soon the tempo increases and the synths start reverberating all over the place. It reminds you of a modern Cyborg that punches your body regularly in the stomach (maybe I should turn down the volume, …, ah, never mind). After nine minutes the shocking truth is revealed: Terje has to be nobody less than Jean-Michel Jarre. I swear, listen to those Equinox like fragments (for Winther knows his classics well). The second track, "Wishful Drone Around Midnight", is a bit twangy and whiny, but that is because I do not like drones. I need rhythms and these are severely lacking here (nice songtitle though). In "Waiting for the Next Wave" we are flooded by sparkling and tingling sequencers which summon the feeling of Tangerine Dream going berserk on speed. "Running Through the Edge" is the top track of this CD. In 23 minutes, Terje creates an atmosphere that takes the trueborn retro-rocker back to the heydays of EM. Do I need to say more? I didn't think so! The last two tracks, "Essinc" and "Jumpgate Shores", do not devalue the nice feeling this disc gives to you. Hé Terje, do not wait too long with a successor to "Trespasser". And while you're at it, next time make it a double disc. In the mean time I will put my player on repeat

André de Waal