Crystal Voyage by ken martin

ken martin

Crystal Voyage

3 tracks

Running time: 1:06:25
Released: 05/2002

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  01   Crystal Voyage - 31:23
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  02   Frequency. 018 - 19:36
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  03   Solar Void - 15:26
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We begin with the title track and straight off one person comes to mind- Klaus Schulze from his 'Mirage' period. A high register crystalline tinkling sequence sparkles and slowly mutates from one similar pattern to the next over lovely soft cosmic drones. More melodic pads are layered over the top from time to time acting like slow lead lines. In the eleventh minute the sequence fades completely away and we are left in a wonderful state of atmospheric drift, the sounds chosen being exquisite.

In the twentieth minute things take a darker turn and close on the heals of this change another excellent sequence makes an entrance, cosmic lead lines relatively low in the mix meandering around it. There is a very quiet start to 'Frequency .018'. Solar winds blow and little cosmic twitters fizz through the ether. It's very delicately done. Sounds are allowed to hang and disappear whilst others are slowly layered over each other but at no time does the sound stage appear cluttered. It's one blissful state of drift. Eleven minutes just seem to fly by- a difficult thing to accomplish with atmospheric music. At this point a rapid quite deep sequence comes in. We are still pretty much out in space but this is a more active region.

Things are still in other worldly mode for 'Solar Void'. The sequence starts to form in the eighth minute developing into quite a chugging one which takes us close to the finish.