Awakenings 2008 volume 1 by Awakenings


Awakenings 2008 volume 1

12 tracks

Running time: 2:27:26
Released: 05/2008

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  01   (removed) - 0:01

  02   CD1 Create - Iridium - 5:20
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  03   CD1 Russell Storey and Rudy Adrian - Trilogy (part 1) - 9:21
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  04   CD1 Chromengel - Forbin - 16:50
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  05   CD1 Phrozenlight - Perpetuum Mobile (part 1) - 12:07
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  06   CD1 Magnetron - Ignorance is Bliss - 17:23
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  07   CD1 Peter Tedstone - Marriji - 11:51
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  08   CD2 Xan Alexander - Andromeda (i) Mutation - 9:01
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  09   CD2 AEM - Distant Observation of Solar Activity (part 1) - 6:18
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  10   CD2 Modulator ESP - Broken Orbits - 24:14
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  11   CD2 Zeitlos - The Rift - 25:14
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  12   CD2 Russell Storey and Rudy Adrian - Trilogy (part 2) - 9:46
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More Info

This is a double album for the price of a single.
Over two and a half hours of quality music.

The first album for 2008 from Awakenings.
Featuring tracks by many artists including ...
Peter Tedstone
Xan Alexander
Russell Storey
Rudy Adrian

Review by David Law ...

These Awakenings compilations are always interesting, featuring a selection of previously unreleased tracks from both well-known names amongst the Electronic Music scene and those who might not be quite there yet but on the basis of some of their offerings often should be!

Create’s ‘Iridium’ might start off in similar fashion but introduces a more contemporary rhythm.

One of the less well known names, to me anyway, was Chromengel (though there is some nagging recognition in the back of my mind) who donates a track initially formed around tinkling metallic percussion. This part of proceedings I thought worked quite well as did the various other atmospheric and gently rhythmic sections of the piece. The sequence was also good and there is plenty of movement throughout. The only thing that spoilt it for me was the piano lead in the middle section which I didn’t think worked. Overall though, it showed great promise.

Phrozenlight has really started making something of a name for himself lately in that he can turn his hands with equal skill to the most intense long ambient pieces as well as sequencer based numbers. This track ‘Perpetuum Mobile Part 1’ follows the middle path between these two styles and is another very worthy listen. Magnetron certainly don’t let themselves down with the slowly evolving sequence and gently rhythmic number ‘Ignorance is Bliss’. Another one to watch out for in future.

Peter Tedstone has been around on the scene for yonks but over the last couple of years he has made a real resurgence and ‘Marriji’ shows why. His use of gorgeous mellotron and lovely delicate sequences (though he can really let rip when he wants as well) is irresistible. The moody lonesome lead line is simply exquisite
as well. What an awesome track - my favourite on the album.

While the Omega Syndicate seem to be taking a break Xan Alexander has been concentrating on his solo work and he has been coming up with some fantastic stuff as demonstrated by ‘Andromeda (i) Mutation’. It’s a track that is brooding, slow sequences and mean bass lines mixing with moody tron to create a track that is simply dripping with attitude and spitting venom - quite incredible.

I’ve never heard of AEM before but they come up with a stonking track right out of the ‘Rubycon’ tradition. More please!

Modulator ESP give us ‘Broken Orbits’- a track of two distinct parts. The first is all rather cosmic, alternating between sinister and chilling areas of space, where death could be waiting to claim you any second, to ethereal wonders. For the second half however the sequencer is powered up and little tinkling pulsations start to form very appealing patterns. One of the best tracks I have heard by this artist.

Not sure who Zeitos are but ‘The Rift’ is also one subdivided between atmospherics and more upbeat sections. The former is dark with an added ethnic element to the sound. In the second half a rhythm and sequence provide the basic structure, a guitar being added to excellent effect. Certainly another worthy inclusion.

Almost Twenty Minutes of the album is taken up with Parts 1 and 2 of ‘Trilogy’ by Russell Storey and Rudy Adrian who’s styles seem to compliment each other well in producing hypnotic spaced out atmospheres combined with gently pulsating sequences.

Of all the albums in the series so far this is the most consistent throughout, the lesser-known names not being over shadowed by the established acts. Great stuff.


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