antisocial by radio massacre international

radio massacre international


4 tracks

Running time: 1:05:34
Released: 03/2008

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  01   percussive maintenance - 17:40

  02   loose metal compound - 15:34
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  03   coppers in the jar for soundproofing - 15:11

  04   for longer than it takes - 17:09

More Info

This is a live, previously unreleased, set from 2005 recorded at the Brudenell Social club in Leeds (UK). It has all the hallmarks of the classic RMI sound, and is yet another example of why so many EM fans have RMI on their “essentials” list.

Sequencer fans will be immediately struck by ‘loose metal compound’ which contains some mesmeric electronic pulsations. However the focus of this set is aimed more at the sort of improvisational sonic explorations that meld guitar, effects, ‘tron and synthesis in a constantly mutating aural fusion that cajoles and challenges in equal amounts.

Oh, and the sound quality is incredible. An ephemeral sonic nuance can rub shoulders with a crunching bass rumble with equal clarity.

Made in Leeds. Released in cyberspace. Available in your front room. Now.

Hard to resist really.