Hawksmoor by Jim Kirkwood

Jim Kirkwood


4 tracks

Running time: 1:02:10
Released: 03/2003

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  01   Where the Plague Dogs Run - 19:04
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  02   In the Black Heart of Mary Woolnoth - 15:20
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  03   The Devils Architect - 17:06
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  04   Build Me a House of Shades - 10:40
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I was eight years old, and left to my own devices whilst my parents were visiting my great aunt in Victoria, London, I immediately set off with my younger sister for the Circle Line. We simply sat on the train for hours taking in the strange and wonderful names of the stations. Blackfriars, Temple, Monument, Tower Hill, Nottinghill Gate, and so on. Fast forward more years than I would care to admit to, and I'm still fascinated by London. Today I'm with my better half doing a tour of the Hawksmoor churches and their association with Jack the Ripper. We stand across the road from Christchurch in Spitalfields, itself once upon a time a burial site for the Black Death victims, (Hos-Spital Fields) The white bones of it rises out of the shadows to form a strange alignment with the other churches and pyramids designed by Nicholas Hawksmoor, the so called Devils Architect. There is certainly something strange about these buildings. The use of huge blocks of stone, apparently inspired by the ruins of Baalbeck, a place associated with the Anunnaki, the angels who fell from Heaven, gives the impression these are temples, not churches. And to which god you might ask? Another strange phenomena is the attraction of these "temples" for the homeless drug addicts, alcoholics and packs of wild dogs. They gather round these sites as if they were offering the last remnants of their light to a black hole. London, whose foundations were built on blood, plague and fire, and this is never more true than the temples of Hawksmoor, is always interesting.