Impulse 2005 by Free System Projekt

Free System Projekt

Impulse 2005

7 tracks

Running time: 1:11:38
Released: 02/2005

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  01   Impulse The Closing - 9:54
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  02   Impulse The Nightmare - 9:48

  03   Impulse The Chase - 8:59

  04   Impulse The Opening - 6:51
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  05   Impulse The Relief - 7:23
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  06   Impulse The Closing Part 2 - 6:49

  07   And Then There Were Two - 21:54
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What we have here is Free System Project's first ever album, when it was all down to Marcel Engels (Ruud Heij and Frank van der Wel not joining until the third album). It was recorded between June and August 1996. All the tracks are prefixed 'Impulse' and 'The Closening' features upbeat sequencing and genuinely strong melodic themes. The track lasts almost 10 minutes, the first 7 dominated by electronic rhythms and searing synths. Then the mood changes as poignant chords are overlaid by piano refrains underlining the versatility available here. 'The Nightmare' presents luscious synth pads before embarking on another top notch sequential outing. Searing synth stabs punctuate the sound before an ambient interlude gives the piece chance to gather itself and initiate another sequenced assault. Again a superb lead motif appears to grab the attention and keep the track moving right to the last note.

Bass sequencing is obviously a forte of FSP and this is amply demonstrated on 'The Chase'. Compositionally it's a delightful collection of fairly disparate elements which together form a cohesive package. The sequence sections do bring to mind an "in form" Chris Franke - 'The Park is Mine' sort of album. Sombre piano heralds 'The Opening' then out of nowhere a ballistic sequence forms and develops the track backed by a steady bass beat.
Raw synth and choral vox add texture but again pride of place goes to the sequencing which mutates brilliantly in the background before being left in isolation for a glorious section. 'The Relief' presents some classic synth sounds and before long an equally classic racey sequence. Neat percussion sharpens the focus while
silken refrains are utilised to close the piece. Finally 'The Closening Part 2' rides on infectious pulsations and breathey synths. Again the technique of leaving each element plenty elbow room works a treat, creating a transparent and dynamic experience. Make no mistake this is a classy album crafted with an assured air.
Sequencer fans will find this essential material, and melody is not short in supply either. All in all it's a winning formula.

Well, that is where Graham's review of the original issue of 'Impulse' finished all those years ago. This reissue however boasts the addition of a fantastic 21 minute bonus track 'And Then There Were Two', featuring Ruud Heij as well as Marcel, recorded much more recently. Humming, twittering effects make it sound like we are in the engine room of a Space Ship from some 50s Sci Fi movie. A slow, beautiful melodic lead line (one of the very finest on any FSP album) adds some structure and focuses the mind as well as the heart. Things now start to sound very 70s again- think of a cross between the first Peter Bauman album and Michael Garrison's 'In The Region of Sunreturn'.
A rapid, urgent sequence starts up and the pulse begins to race. It has to be said that this is now extremely Rubycon sounding. As the sequence twists this way and that lovely little lead touches float over the top like smoke gently hovering above the sea as it escapes a burning wreck. These develop into more substantial but still dreamy melodies providing wonderful contrast amongst the powerful pulsations. This is a track that no Free System Project fan should be without. (Based on an original review by GG slightly edited by DL / Bonus track reviewed by DL)