Beyond Time Structure by Vanderson


Beyond Time Structure

7 tracks

Running time: 1:04:12
Released: 04/2017

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  01   Children Of Andromeda - 11:09
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  02   Outer Space - 8:04
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  03   Reality - 7:20
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  04   Underwater World - 13:53
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  05   Invisible contact - 8:07
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  06   Sense - 6:38
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  07   Time Travellers - 9:01
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More Info

Beyond Time Structure, the new album from the Polish artist Vanderson consists seven energetic songs between 6 and 13 minutes. Every song has all the time it needs to evolve to a very special and harmonic piece of Electronic Music. Gorgeous melodies, deep sound and an extremely well balance between melodic and hypnotic elements, make this album so wonderful. Vanderson is well known for harmonic tunes and his own style playing with simple but intelligent sequences. On Beyond Time Structure he adds an additional portion of rhythmic elements so this album became different from his so far known work. Some influences by modern electronic dance music are intended. Also the sound design is more modern without losing the spirit of his past releases. Listen to it and You get lost in time.