Waiting for the Soundtrack (Remastered) by David Wright

David Wright

Waiting for the Soundtrack (Remastered)

11 tracks

Running time: 1:08:31
Released: 02/2017

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  01   Islands (Remastered) - 6:10
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  02   Emerald Eyes (Remastered) - 5:18

  03   Shadowlands (Remastered) - 5:43
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  04   Lovelight (Remastered) - 4:08
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  05   Cloudless Flight (Remastered) - 8:11
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  06   Desert Storm (Remastered) - 5:45
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  07   Lady in the Night (Remastered) - 4:37
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  08   Rainwalker (Remastered) - 4:40
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  09   Always (Remastered) - 4:39
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  10   Run for the Sun (Remastered) - 7:20
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  11   Waiting for the Soundtrack (Remastered) - 12:00
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More Info

‘Waiting for the Soundtrack’ was David Wright’s 3rd album, originally released in 1991 and continued his early development in electronic music. The mood here is much more adventurous, crossing instrumental rock, electronic and orchestral music styles. It was issued on CDr in 2001, but has now finally made it onto CD.
‘Waiting for the Soundtrack’ is an album close to the artist’s heart and has been lovingly 24 bit remastered from original cassette tapes. It’s a timely reminder of the range of the David Wright catalogue and how much his music has evolved over the years.
The artist has stayed true to his original and emotive style, in which atmosphere, feel and melody are key and this has ensured his longevity on the global electronic music scene.