Konglomerat by TM Solver

TM Solver


6 tracks

Running time: 1:10:25
Released: 11/2016

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  01   Council of Elders - 4:13
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  02   Peripterous - 14:32
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  03   Friendly woodoo - 15:27
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  04   Specters in little - 7:30
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  05   Rumpelstiltskin - 11:04
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  06   Heart of Synth - 17:39
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More Info

The new 2016 album by TM Solver convinces again with wonderful longtracks on the familiar base of melodic and rhythmic sounds from versatile synthesizer sequences. This album reflects a sonic landscape of ideas and joy of experimenting with sounds from Autumn 2015 till now. At "Specters in little" the artists e-bass is to heard the first time.
released November 10, 2016

TM Solver plays:
Synthesizer Sequenzer Drumcomputer Bass guitar

Mastering: Thomas Meier

Marketed by CabGuy* Music Production
SynGate Records 2016