Petrified Forest by WellenVorm


Petrified Forest

8 tracks

Running time: 0:57:35
Released: 11/2016

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  01   Perm - 6:21
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  02   Twilight - 5:11
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  03   Thunder - 10:00
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  04   Blust Wave - 0:55
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  05   Nuee Ardente - 7:35
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  06   Crystal Wood - 8:10
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  07   Petrified Logs - 9:21
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  08   Endless Silence - 10:02
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deep, dark and high quality electronic music from Germany by wellenvorm...

The volcano awakes, the apocalypse begins. A tremendous compression wave starts is distructive way. Thousands of trees are being defoliated, limbs and branches break. Huge, up to thirty meters high, trunks bend over like matches. Ingenous ash clouds roll into the valley, billions of small pumices stone lumps rain down on the landscape. At the most concerned areas this material mounts up 90 meters above the just living forest. This happened 291 billins years ago.

After the eruption silicic acid seeped in the buried trunks, which transform into stone in the course of cosmic periods.

This is not a fictional story. The location of this primeval inferno today is my hometown Chemnitz in Sachsen, Germany. Numerous evidence of the events have been dug out and form the „Petrified Forest“, a worldwide famous and marvelled natural monument.

I am floating in the center of events and gaze into the chimney of the fuming volcano, I am feeling the drone of the earth, the compression wave, the lethal ash cloud and the silence thereafter. In my fantasy I am walking through a forest of crystallized trunks. I owe the inspiration to this concept album to my friend, the famous designer and author Jochen Voigt, who lured me on the trace of the Petrified Forest and who designed not least the artwork for my album. An idea was born – now the result can be shown. In two years of work the new album „Petrified Forest“ arose, my anthem to the lithic wonder of the world of Chemnitz.

Uwe Rottluff aka Wellenvorm, November 2016